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The Ideal Companion for an Elderly Family Member

The Seniors’ health, well-being, and quality of life are impacted negatively by loneliness and social seclusion. Having a companion is a vital part of senior care. Not only because they help with daily tasks like light housekeeping, grocery shopping, and feeding but because they offer a purposeful social connection that makes them healthier and happier! … Continue reading

Dealing with a Senior Loved One Who Has Dementia

Dementia is an abnormal brain deterioration that affects a person’s ability to perceive, communicate, and engage in daily activities. It produces symptoms other than issues with memory, speech, and judgment. Mood swings like increased irritability, stress, and anxiousness are examples. You are bothered because your senior loved one is suspicious of having Dementia, and you … Continue reading

Proper Oral and Dental Care for Seniors

Sound oral and dental health is essential for every individual, especially those in elder care. Not only are they vital for eating and nutrition, but also in the prevention of mouth and tooth infections, as well as other diseases concerning them. Some problems connected to oral and dental issues in the elderly are Periodontitis or … Continue reading

Bridging the GAPP in Children’s Health

Not only it is senior citizens who need in home care and assistance at home. The young people do too! And that is why the state of Georgia has the GAPP or Georgia Pediatric Program. GAPP is a program for people 21 years and below needing medical day care and home care assistance. The children … Continue reading

Preventing Diseases for Seniors

Due to the numerous illnesses and other health problems that come with aging, seniors confront significant hurdles in maintaining their health. However, with the combined efforts of our team of healthcare experts, which consists of nurses, doctors, and caregivers, we have developed illness management programs that are aimed at seniors with a particular ailment and … Continue reading

Ways to Achieve a Good Night’s Rest

Our bodies require sleep to recover from a full day of work. When we get the recommended 8 hours of sleep, we feel more energized and prepared for the day. For older folks, this is extremely important. As a provider of┬áhome care services in Savannah Georgia, we believe that seniors are more susceptible to diseases, … Continue reading