Bridging the GAPP in Children’s Health


Not only it is senior citizens who need in home care and assistance at home. The young people do too! And that is why the state of Georgia has the GAPP or Georgia Pediatric Program.

GAPP is a program for people 21 years and below needing medical day care and home care assistance. The children must qualify for Medicaid to be eligible and must establish a medical necessity for skilled nursing.

The daycare program includes physical and speech therapy, transportation, social service, registered dietitian meal planning, tube feeding, IV therapy, personal care in Georgia, and other assistance. Its purpose and goal are not only to provide care but also to improve the child’s independence.

Physicians, home care providers, and the Georgia Medical Care Foundation (GMCF) help hand-in-hand to make this program possible. The child’s primary care physician will create an initial care plan, GMCF then assesses and approves the care and assistance necessary, and the homecare agency provides the services.

As this program aims to improve the life of a child with disabilities and health conditions, the participation of parents, guardians, and primary family caregivers is still necessary. They must familiarize themselves with the treatment plan for possible turnover once the child improves and gets discharged from the program.

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