Communication Is Key When Caring for Dementia Patients

Communication Is Key When Caring for Dementia Patients.

Skilled nursing services are expected to care for a wide variety of individuals. Because the industry does not discriminate, such services are also extended towards patients who are suffering from progressive brain disease or dementia.

Rendering personal care in Georgia for dementia patients is, without a doubt, very challenging. The damage to their brain that their condition causes can give way to all sorts of difficulties. For instance, depending on the severity of the disease, they will find it hard to remember what they have initially set out to do. They may also throw tantrums or experience extreme mood swings.

This means that dementia patients have special needs, and could require 24 hours home care.

In any case, the key to establishing a positive rapport with your patient is to learn how to communicate. Because they have impaired cognitive abilities, you will need to improvise and find ways to communicate with them through which they can easily understand what you are trying to convey.

For instance, you can use written notes that they can read to keep themselves reminded of the day’s tasks. You can use hand signals as well. The actual technique will vary from patient to patient, as each individual patient has a specific set of circumstances.

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