Dealing with a Senior Loved One Who Has Dementia


Dementia is an abnormal brain deterioration that affects a person’s ability to perceive, communicate, and engage in daily activities. It produces symptoms other than issues with memory, speech, and judgment. Mood swings like increased irritability, stress, and anxiousness are examples.

You are bothered because your senior loved one is suspicious of having Dementia, and you don’t know how to confront them.

Below are the things to do in dealing with seniors having Dementia:

  • Talk it over with them.

    Tell them you will meet home health care providers who can accompany and assist them with daily tasks like meal preparation, hygiene, cleaning, and supervision.

  • Conduct a medical examination.

    Make use of skilled nursing Services in charge of assessing and monitoring your loved one’s condition. These licensed and sympathetic nurses can ensure their diagnosis and improvement.

  • Set a meeting with the family.

    Work together and prepare the things needed to give them personal care in Georgia customized to meet your loved one’s unique goals and needs.

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