Important Grocery Shopping Tips for Seniors

Eating healthily is crucial to living long and fruitful lives. Without getting proper nutrition, a person could put themselves at greater risk of developing infections and chronic diseases. However, making the right food choices can be difficult in this fast-changing world. Most of the time, processed food may seem like a better choice since they … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Sleeping Medications for Seniors

It is common knowledge that getting solid zzz’s plays a critical role in warding off illnesses, staying healthy, and improving learning. However, as a person gets older, they will most likely experience bodily changes that may interfere with the quality of sleep that they get. These bodily changes oftentimes become more pronounced in their later … Continue reading

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What to Do If Senior Relatives Take Medicines That Increase Falls

By now, you may have already read in our previous blog article the three classifications of prescriptions that you should review in order to reduce the risks of your senior family members suffering from injuries caused by falls or slips. And if you did discover that your loved ones are taking these medications, you may … Continue reading

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Types of Medications to Review for Fall Prevention in the Elderly

In 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a brochure recommending older adults to take the following steps in preventing falls: Make their homes safer. Get annual eye check-ups. Adhere to regular physical activity to improve gait and leg strength. Ask physicians or pharmacists to review their medications. As an agency providing a … Continue reading

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3 Ways Home Care Services Can Change Your Loved Ones’ Lives

If there is one thing that you want for your senior or physically challenged loved ones, it is to ensure their welfare. However, we understand that you cannot always give them all of your attention, so why not avail the services of caregivers instead? Our professional and dedicated caregivers at Magnolia Home Care Service can … Continue reading

How to Convince Your Aging Family Members to Accept Home Care Help

More and more individuals are growing older. And while many seniors are successfully aging in place as a result of their family caregivers providing them with home care, there are still a select few who refuse to acquire home care services in Savannah Georgia for the main reason that they want to retain their independence. … Continue reading

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