Caring for Loved Ones with Dementia

Providing personal care in Georgia for your family members with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia takes patience and flexibility. This becomes even truer as the disease progresses since they will require more meticulous care as their symptoms worsen. So, as an organization that offers top-notch home care services in Savannah, Georgia, we have … Continue reading

Home Care Services for a Successful, Independent Living

With successful, senior independent living becoming a more feasible option than ever, elderly individuals today have an incredibly diverse assortment of choices to choose from to enable them to live self-reliant and dignified lives during their golden years. From independent living communities to care retirement communities, to senior apartments and home care services in Savannah, … Continue reading

Activities to Stimulate Your Bed-Bound Aging Adults

While some geriatric individuals who are receiving skilled nursing services under the supervision of their primary care physicians are bed-bound for only a brief time due to an illness or injury, others may be stuck in bed for an unknown period. Add to that the fact that seniors typically have a hard time looking for … Continue reading

Signs You May Need to Consider Professional Senior Care

At some point, your elderly loved ones may experience an injury, ailment, or chronic condition that could interfere with their ability to function. As an agency that offers quality home care services in Savannah, Georgia, any of the following instances might lead you to consider professional, in-home elderly care for them: Your aging relatives are … Continue reading

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Caregivers Can Lend a Hand with House Chores

House chores can wear your senior loved one out, especially if they have to do everything by themselves. You may hear them complain about sore muscles or backaches while doing the vacuum, laundry, and dishes. They may laugh about it and crack jokes about how old they are. However, it’s something that you also need … Continue reading

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Secure Your Senior Adult with a Safe and Healthy Life

It’s essential that you make time to visit your senior loved one in their home to see how they’re doing and if their living conditions are still safe, comfortable, and healthy for them. If you feel that someone should be there with them to ensure that they eat on time, don’t experience falls, and remember … Continue reading

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