“A baby is an inestimable blessing.” – Mark Twain

white babyMagnolia Home Care Service offers Night Time Infant Care services. Our caregivers will ensure that all of your baby’s needs are met throughout the night, letting you get your much-needed rest. Our overnight caregivers can work up to 8 hours per night throughout the week, and even specialize in caring for multiple babies! Our caregivers are here to educate and assist you with newborn care so that you can enjoy your new role as parents while getting a good night’s sleep

Services Offered
Our services include:

  • Sleep Conditioning
  • Attending to Monitors
  • Burping and Changing
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Bottle Feeding
  • Diaper Changing
  • Keeping a Log of Baby’s Sleep Patterns
  • And more

Talk to Us
For more information about our night time infant care packages and services, contact us at 912-319-7273 / 912-319-7273 Ext. 1 (Emergency After Hours).

For more specific details about our pricing rates, please Request a Code to submit your request.