No More Hospital Readmissions with Home Care Assistance


High rates of readmissions following hospitalization are indicative of the poor quality and discontinuity in American healthcare production. As a result, starting at home is one of the best methods to save on hospital expenses and readmissions.

Today, in-home assistance has shown to be an effective way to reduce the number of hospital visits. Home care professionals are a big help in providing seniors with personalized care and those who are living alone with comfort, safety, and well-being at home.

Magnolia Home Care Service aims to be just that: a number one plan to help families avoid high costs at the hospital. Through dedicated and professional home care services in Savannah Georgia, seniors and their families can receive timely care without having to spend large sums of money at a facility.

Skilled nursing services like ours strive to give high-touch patient support while reducing avoidable trips to the emergency room and in-patient stays. The shared objectives of these treatments are to maintain individuals’ health, reduce emergency room visits and readmissions to the hospital, and enhance their general quality of life.

With the help of our in-home care management, we can offer skilled nursing and personal care in Georgia. With that in mind, it is reasonable to state that our services are committed to the entire health of your senior loved one. Some of our responsibilities are:

  • Supporting the client
  • Monitoring medication and updating prescriptions
  • Administering medical procedures
  • Guiding family members and educating them to understand their loved one’s needs better

For more senior care tips, feel free to get in touch with our team today!

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