Reliable Care to Help You During Emergencies


Seniors and infants are vulnerable to accidents inside and outside the home if they are not supervised and guided properly. Proper supervision is essential, especially since seniors and infants are both fragile and prone to injuries. As a result, we must arrive at our vulnerable loved ones prepared and well-trained in first aid. Learning first aid is a great way to prepare for an emergency. It is a skill in health care that everyone must learn.
Emergencies have no timetable and occur without warning. To remedy this, Magnolia Home Care Service, your trusted provider of senior home care, employs and partners with caregivers and aides who are well-equipped and trained to follow emergency protocols and procedures. Families and individuals feel more secure in their care because of their knowledge and skills in first aid.
When an emergency occurs, an immediate response is critical to ensuring a positive outcome for the patient. First aid knowledge can also help keep wounds from becoming infected or worsening. You can rely on our skilled nursing staff to teach you the fundamentals of CPR and first aid care.
Our care team can also provide a list of emergency hotlines as well as do’s and don’ts in saving the lives of individuals and families. Our company offers CPR services as well as training. We provide CPR training to organizations, schools, and family members who want to become CPR-certified.
Our Home Care Services in Savannah Georgia strive to improve the health of you and your family. You can rely on us for prompt and dedicated care that truly saves lives.
Contact our team at 912-319-7273 today for more information about our personal care in Georgia.

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