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Tips for Post Operation Care at Home

Any operation can take a toll on the body. Post-operation, meanwhile, is a time to slow down and listen to your body. Here’s what you can do. Follow instructions This is a time when working closely with your doctor and home care providers is crucial. Instructions on dressing and cleaning the wound, foods to avoid, … Continue reading

Postpartum Care Tips for New Mothers

The postpartum period is the first six weeks after childbirth, where the female body starts to heal from the stress of labor. This period is crucial for the mother’s full recovery. Thus, Magnolia Home Care Service extends its home care services in Savannah Georgia to new mothers and their infants. In this blog article, we … Continue reading

Senior Adults Deserve Quality Sleep for Better Health

It’s quite common for a senior adult to have age-related sleep problems. If you don’t know much about sleep problems, you can take your senior loved one to a care provider so you can learn more about the underlying causes. Senior adults need a good night’s sleep to help refresh their immune system, improve memory … Continue reading