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Be a Part of Our Home Care Team

Taking care of the elderly in your family may be a tedious task, but it is also quite the labor of love. They deserve all the care and attention after everything they have done for you and your other loved ones. With that said, extending your services and providing Senior Companionship as a professional healthcare … Continue reading

Helping Your Senior Loved One With Bathing

Bathing is an essential component of senior care. It can be soothing and fun, but it’s important to remember that bathing presents certain risks for seniors who are less mobile and have limited strength. As a licensed provider of Home Care Services in Savannah Georgia, we give you these tips to make your senior loved … Continue reading

Benefits of IV Therapy to Seniors

IV therapy is a method of delivering medication that seniors may find beneficial. It’s given through a needle or catheter placed in a vein in the arm. This allows your senior loved ones to get the proper dose of liquids or medications through an infusion into the bloodstream. IV infusions are commonly used when seniors … Continue reading

Caregiving Tips in the Early Stage of Dementia

Do you have a loved one who has been recently diagnosed with dementia? The early stages of dementia may not require hands-on caregiving or skilled nursing assistance, but your loved one will still need your support as much as possible. So, what can you do for them? Check out these tips below. Educate yourself about … Continue reading

Dementia: Tips for Effective Communication

Dementia is a mental illness that is caused by damage to or changes in the brain. Individuals with dementia might have problems with remembering things, thinking clearly, or making rational decisions. This mental illness can interfere with doing daily activities and communicating with other people. If you have a senior loved one with dementia, such … Continue reading

Recognizing and Understanding Sleep Apnea in Elderly

Do your loved ones have trouble sleeping or staying asleep? Perhaps you’re bothered by their loud breathing or snoring at night? Sleep apnea can happen to anyone at any age but is most common in people who are overweight and those over the age of 50. But what is sleep apnea and how do we … Continue reading