Things You Should Know About the Post-Childbirth Phase


After giving birth to a beautiful baby, the real deal begins. Child care, dealing with physical symptoms, and rummaging for social support, sometimes financial, are too much to take. Other than these, hereunder are some of the things you should be aware of about the post-childbirth phase:

  • Sexual intercourse in the first season is not advisable. This is to avoid infecting the area, disrupting its recovery, and preventing early pregnancy.
  • Exhaustion is dangerous. Getting plenty of rest might be impossible considering you’re already raising a baby. However, rest is necessary to avoid bleeding, injury, and muscle strain. Hence, consider asking for in home assistance.
  • Excessive pain shouldn’t be ignored. Minor pain is normal but having headaches alongside vision problems, excessive pain when urinating, heavy bleeding, and foul-odored discharge, among others, need immediate medical attention and overnight care for a monitored recovery.
  • You can be at risk for Postpartum Depression. Prolonged struggle of managing your emotions, and the inability to feel pleasure and become connected to your child might be signs of Postpartum Depression so please get yourself evaluated.
  • Proper nutrition is essential. You need 2500 calories or more every day because you’re breastfeeding. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, stay hydrated, and take your post-natal vitamins.

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